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Dewerstone 2013 was our pilot project with Barking and Dagenham Youth services. Delivered over 4 weeks it consisted of a 28 day 24/7 residential for 6 young people. Although on a long term supervision and surveillance order these young men were deemed suitable to undertake the programme as it was thought they would respond positively in a long term intervention that offered support in a structured framework.

Based on Dartmoor in early February the group assembled with an 8 man strong team. Working and living in a bunkhouse on the moor proved to be challenging for the young people not only for its remoteness but also the self discipline required to engage in the domestic and adventurous activities in the cold of a moorland winter. Activities such as walking, climbing and abseiling/ canoeing/ forest skills were carried out regardless of weather requiring the group to look after each other, motivate and encourage one another. 1 ;1 sessions were carried out as trust was built gradually over the month.

The programme was not without its difficult moments as tempers and anxieties came to the fore; this is one of the key objectives of the programme as it is designed to generate behaviour that the person can then reflect upon and recognize the choices they made then, identifying new choices they can make in the future. Two young people succumbed to past behaviour in this time resulting in a breach of their order and a return to the Youth Offending Team and subsequently court!

The remaining 3 young people went on to complete the programme and responded well as values were re-evaluated and aligned and new targets we set for their future.

Success was measured in terms of the number of ASBO’s issued in the preceeding 6 mths compared to the subsequent 6 mths with one young man reducing from 64 in 1mth to just 1 – a significant improvement. He then went on to enroll for a college course.

Significant behaviour change requires close mentoring and supervision post any intervention and this has been a key element in the re-design of Dewerstone 2014.

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Dewerstone 2013
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