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Project Atlas is an 18-month project ideally suited for boys or girls between the age of 17yrs and 20yrs. It is not a mixed gender programme and each cohort would be either boys or girls. All of the participants will typically have had disruptive childhoods and come from challenging back grounds. They may have all been involved in petty crime and anti social behaviour and most will have appeared in court a number of times in their early teenage years. Most of the participants have been unsuccessful at attending school regularly, have few qualifications and therefore fall into the “NEET” category.

Project Atlas consists of an 18 month project and can be accessed by any referring body. It is a structured development programme offered by the Adventure Education Trust who are experts at helping young people in similar circumstances. The programme will consist of one day interventions, residential experiences and personal challenges around adventurous activities. It will also incorporate mentoring whereby each participant will set measurable goals and be mentored in evaluating and achieving those goals. The programme will also include a presentation to a multi agency group and the planning and organising of a community event. The boys will have the opportunity to gain educational or vocational qualifications in order to prepare them for further education, training or employment appropriate to their stage of development.

    There are a number of core elements to the programme;
  • Understanding self
  • Self management skill
  • Learning styles
  • Communication skills
  • Personal leadership
  • Understanding others
  • Working together
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Life skills
  • Financial awareness
  • Health and fitness
  • Numeracy/literacy
  • Developing my future
  • Goal setting
  • Action planning
    Golden threads emphasised encouraged and role modelled throughout the programme are:
  • Respect for others
  • Taking responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Determination

The programme is highly practical and experiential and is tailored to each individual. Staff /participant ratios are high, typically 1:2 Costs include instructor’s salary, transport, accommodation food and venue costs, specialist clothing and equipment and educational materials. The cost will be covered by donations, fund raising and grant applications.

The project is believed to be innovative and transferrable to other settings when the success of it has been documented. For that reason the Pathways Project Manager will carefully monitor it throughout.

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