What We Do

What We Do

Adventure Education is a unique experiential education package that can help motivate and enthuse young people to help them build a positive self image, build their self confidence and self esteem, helping to provide them with the opportunity to realise their full potential. Adventure Education embraces the Adventure Therapy concept and couples it with a highly professional and experienced team to ensure the Adventure Education experience is one that will never be forgotten!

At the heart of our process is the Adventure Therapy concept. This is adventure-based experiential development that uses the great outdoors as the teaching medium.

With day-to-day worries and influences removed from their immediate environment, the young individual is given the structure and space to explore who they really are and what really matters to them. Adventurous activities such as Canoeing, Rock Climbing and Wild Camping are used to build confidence and self-worth. Increasingly challenging tasks and problems are used to accelerate learning and growth. Working within a supportive environment with the mentors, the young people examine the importance of our relationships and behaviours and the impact we have on the world around us. Our philosophy is based on a holistic experiential education model where a learner constructs knowledge, skill and value from direct experience.

All of our practitioners have National Governing Body qualifications in a range of Outdoor activities combined with a Master Practitioner certificated by the American Board of Neuro-linguistic programming. Many hold a Certificate in Education and coaching and mentoring qualifications. All of which have extensive experience working in the field of personal development.
The important aspect is that any outcomes are processed and reflected upon after each activity. This is to bridge the participants' learning experience and facilitate the application of this new knowledge to their specific family, social and educational background. In other words, we place special emphasis on helping participants "bring their growth home" taking it forward into “the real world”.

Throughout the activities provided, self esteem and confidence are enhanced and strengths and abilities identified. These can then be related to further education and vocational programme or other mainstream opportunities and employment.

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