Our Latest Success Story

Our Latest Success Story

Local charity Adventure Education have recently helped a local young man back in to full time employment by purchasing a motor scooter. Zac Stannard was a graduate of Project Atlas, a programme aimed at developing young people and helping them move into full time employment or training as part of a Personal Development programme.

Since completing the programme Zac has been in and out of part time employment until reconnecting with Adventure Education late last year.
Over the past 6 months Zac has been mentored and helped with things such as financial planning, job interview techniques and has also been coached in emotional and behavioural techniques designed to motivate and re-engage individuals to overcome limiting beliefs and set themselves personal goals and targets.

Subsequently Zac has started a new job as a trainee sprayer/finisher at West of England Reproduction Furniture. Because of his rural location Zac needed transport and using funds raised locally and nationally Adventure Education were able to assist him in purchasing a motor scooter and personal protective clothing. Having passed his CBT with Yeovil Motorcycle Training and with the technical skills of Lee at LKW Autos, Zac has finally become mobile and is looking forward to the future.

Adventure Education was set up to support those who are struggling to move forward in life. Focusing on supporting those people who believe that they are on the fringes of society and are experiencing difficulties in their relationships with themselves their families and the community or society they live in. They do this by providing innovative programmes and coaching support that enable individuals to identify the key areas in their life that they need to address and allowing them to realise their true potential.

Keith Ovenden on behalf of Adventure Education says ”our program is an experiential adventure therapy based program that helps young people explore their relationship with themselves and overcome their limiting beliefs to move forward in life. Practical hurdles such as drug/alcohol abuse or even experiencing difficulties with the justice system are often manifestations of deeper rooted issues; we help young people resolve some of these issues in order to realise their full potential.”

The Charity can be contacted on 08451210475 or email:info@adventureeducation.co.uk

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