Keith Ovenden

Keith has been involved in Youth work for over 30 years both as a volunteer and
as a professional. Having served in the Fleet Air Arm with the Commando
Helicopter Force as an engineer Keith managed the Leadership School directing
the careers of all New Entry mechanics in the first 2 years of their service.
Keith left the RN in 1998 and has since qualified as a Adventure Education
practitioner and therapist; Keith has worked with young offenders over the last
12 years developing the Adventure Therapy model now employed in our
programmes to good effect; helping young people turn their lives around and
grow as an individual is at the heart of his ethos in life.
He brings a wealth of experience to bear on Adventure Education programmes
and says that being a father of 3 grown up sons and a grandparent has shown
him all the ways not to develop young people! A keen outdoor professional,
musician and lover of life Keith is equally at home on a river, up a mountain or
strumming his guitar.