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Adventure Education was set up to support those who are struggling to move forward in life. Focusing on supporting those people who believe that they are on the fringes of society and are experiencing difficulties in their relationships with themselves their families and the community or society they live in. We will do this by providing innovative programmes and coaching support that enable individuals to identify the key areas in their life that they need to address and allowing them to realise their true potential.

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Ian Pitchford

For those of you that have met Ian, then passion, enthusiasm and excitement for the outdoors you will recognise he has by the truck full...

Sara Pitchford

Sara is a passionate and enthusiastic people person who dedicates her time to ensuring that she successfully helps guide individuals to exceed...

Keith Ovenden

Keith has been involved in Youth work for over 30 years both as a volunteer and as a professional. Leadership comes very naturally to Keith...


Fantastic Projects

Our Projects are cutting edge and typically run from between 3 months and 3 years. Referring agencies can either work with AE to design and fund their own project or signpost their young people on to an AE funded programme. 


We have a proven track record of over 12 years working with young people from all walks of life, working closely with i2i Development Solutions and AMind4Adventure whose highly experienced Adventure Therapy Practitioners support us in helping young people change their lives. 

Changing Lives

Programmes designed to affect real change in young peoples lives, helping them to build resources for a brighter future. 


Our Vision is to deliver professional therapeutic developmental change programmes and provide a network of support across the country to enable all young people to realize their full potential, to achieve beyond their expectations and to contribute to society as confident, caring and committed adults.

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Adventure Education works in partnership with i2i Development Solutions Ltd. i2i’s highly qualified and experienced Adventure Practitioners are experts in working with young people with challenging behavior and significant emotional problems.

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The unique blend of talking therapy and practical experiential development enables young people to fully explore their relationship with themselves, resolving the root cause of their problems and building positive resources for change.

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