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Adventure therapy is adventure-based experiential educational using the great outdoors as the teaching media. Adventurous and challenging activities such as kayaking, rock climbing and camping are used to accelerate learning and growth processes. Our philosophy is based on a holistic experiential education model.

Experiential education is a process through which a learner constructs knowledge, skill and value from direct experiences. Group processing after each activity is used to bridge the participants learning experience and facilitate the application of this new knowledge to their specific social, cultural, educational and/or family context. In other words we place special emphasis on helping participants “bring their growth home” whereby they apply their insights and experience to their everyday lives.

Making the link between the lessons learnt, and the learners everyday lives is the fundamental difference between adventure therapy and outdoor activities for young people. Adventure Therapy is not outdoor activities for outdoor activities sake, but is a clearly focused initiative using the outdoors as a teaching media in order to address the attitudes and behaviours of young people. The chosen experiential media merely acts as a vehicle to aid learning.

We offer two types of  AE Therapy Interventions


Available for private individuals. These courses are conducted when numbers are sufficient to ensure a cost effective programme

Personal Breakthrough 


These programmes are available for individuals and families who are in need of help by rebuilding damaged or broken relationships between parents/carer/family member  and child.

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